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 それまで何回か訪れていた海外でプードルの存在には注目しておりましたが、特にヨーロッパの古い街並みにカットを施さないプードルがボサボサ髪で歩いている姿に釘付けにされました。バースの教会前、ブルージュのカナル沿い、サンジェルマンの裏通り、ハワースのフットパスetc.・・・。そんな中‘アプリコット‘という言葉の響きに魅せられて初めてレッド、アプリコット色のトイプードルを入手したのは今から30数年前、当時レッド、アプリコットプードルが珍しい頃のことでした。カナダの名門、カリサ犬舎の代表犬、CAN.AMCH.カリサ マッキントッシュレッドの直系の女の子でしたが、レッドの濃い小ぶりの可愛い子でした。その後、アメリカ、パンパース犬舎からの持込腹で生まれた、またまた小ぶりのレッドの女の子を手に入れ、この2頭で犬舎の土台犬作りが始まりました。 以来、レッドとアプリコットを組み合わせでティーカップタイプからトイタイプのプードルを作り続けております。只今はブラウン、ブラック、シルバーの子も作出中です。

 4人の子供達は成長し、各ゝ、薬学、医学、建築設計、情報工学の分野で励んでおりますが、犬という夢中になれる存在があったお陰様で子供の自立の足を引っ張ることなく今日まで来れたことは感謝です。子犬をお譲りしたお客様から、「子供にやさしい気持ちを育むことが出来 情操教育に役立った」、「疎遠だった夫婦仲が良くなり会話が増えた」「子供が自立し寂しかった気持ちが和らいだ」「子供の受験のストレスが犬のお陰で解消できた」「バラバラだった家族が1つになった」・・・等と嬉しい報告を聞かせていただく時、愛和な家庭作りのお役に立つためより良いペットを提供していき、少しでも喜んでいただける犬作りに精を出したいと切に思わせていただくものです。



   アマンダブルー犬舎  宮澤せい子






When I was a high school student, I decided to become a dog breeder. I used to read a magazine about dogs . Even at that time I thought about what it would be like to mix this dog and that dog, and create some other kind of dog. In those days, the kinds of dogs that I purchased were Maltese and Yorkshire terriers. After I graduated university, I married and soon had four children. I became so busy taking care of them, that my life as a dog breeder seemed far away. After my children grew up and found their independence, I felt a deep hole in my life so I decided to breed dogs again. I had been running a tutoring school at my house for 15 years, but I closed it because it was impossible to teach and breed dogs at the same time.

I had traveled abroad several times, and came to be attracted to poodles, especially the ones I had seen with uncut loose hair walking around the old towns of Europe. In front of the abbey in Bath, along the canals in Bruges, back streets in Saint Germain, footpaths in Haworth, and dozens of other sights. In those days, I bought a red and apricot toy poodle because I liked the sound of the word “apricot.” That was about 30 years ago, and at that time red and apricot toy poodles were rare in Japan. I bought a small, cute dark red female poodle; a direct descendent of CAN.AMCH. Calisa Macintosh Red which was the representative dog of the famous Canadian kennel “Calisa Kennel.” Later, I bought a red female poodle again which was bred at the Pampers kennel in the U.S. I started breeding these two poodles which served as the base of my business. Since then, I have bred toy poodles and Tea-cup poodles by mixing Red and Apricot poodles.I'm also breeding brown, black and silver colors now.

Over the years, my children found their careers; one’s a pharmacist another’s a medical scientist one’s a construction designer and my youngest is an information engineer. Their independence allows me to become absorbed in breeding dogs; this has become extremely rewarding. For example, I often hear customers tell me wonderful stories of the changes my dogs make in their lives.One mother mailed me:“Your dog made our children grow kindness at their heart and was useful for their culture of sentiments.One wife told me: “The relationship between my estranged husband and I completely changed after we bought your dog. We get along very well now -  the dog has brought us together.” Another customer said: “We had a huge void in our lives when our last child left home. Your dog has brought happiness into our home and has eased the loneliness.” And, it’s not only the adults who express their satisfaction. One mother explained: “Your dog helped my children cope with the stress caused by preparing their exams.” There are so many stories from people who simply state that their family is happier and more unified after bringing a dog into the home.

With more than 40 years of dog breeding experience, we continually strive to develop the quality of companion dogs. We look forward to expanding our "dog and owner network" and trust that this relationship will continue far into the future.  We'd like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the people who have shown interest and given support.

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 Amanda Blue Kennel   Seiko Miyazawa

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