The contents of the "Lady 03" manufacturing explanation

The creating of hair

(1)It creates the base of the hair.It writes with the thinner whisk and the basic form is complete.

(2) Moreover, it creates a layer according to the part in the detail.It is crowded in the picturing.It traces out while pulling a path earnestly and doing a gradation with the whisk of 1 pixel.


The place to have displayed the part.To show by the gradation with one one which is different respectively will be able to be seen or ?

(3)It is such a feeling when attempting to adjust to the head.


(4)Without the corner cutting, it showed to the detail neatly in the path.

(5) When integrating with the background at this point, it is such a feeling.When having seen the whole, it is the work which doesn't have a meaning too much.There is not a meaning when still outputting at the large sheet poster and so on and not seeing.


5,The creating procedure of the lingerie

The contents of the "Lady 03" manufacturing explanation

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