The contents of the "Lady 03" manufacturing explanation

The creating of a lingerie

The creating of panties

(1)It uses the mask of the nude and it shows in the panties.It gains a part, a line in the brink in the picturing.


(2)The detail becomes in this way.It is easily made when twiddling and processing " making solid " of " the recorder menu " of "Fanfare Photographer" and the parameter of " putting a shadow ".


(3)It duplicates it and it synthesizes the one to have adjusted a tone curve.It colored.


The creating of a brassiere

(1)It created the panty same, a brassiere, too.In the metallic sense of the cup of the left chest, the gradation splash is conspicuous with the strengthening but later, when covered with the camisole, the feeling comes out in the thing as much as this.


(2)Without the corner cutting, it shows to the detail.( The figure is a part under the side. )


(3)The place to have made wear a brassiere and panties.


The creating of a camisole

(1)It returns to the model which was created in "Poser 4" and it makes wear a slippery dress.


(2)It makes a nude figure a non- display.


(3)Using the template of the slippery dress, it creates texture mapping.


(4)It creates vamp mapping in the same way.


(5)After applying and rendering them.


(6)It adjusts a detail in "Fanfare Photographer".It shows.The shoulder string and the way of showing in the part which the cloth in the foot overlapped with are the same as the brassiere and the panties.


(7)The so needed detail was careful because it was easy to miss and it proceeded with the work.( Part where the figure should bulge with the thickness of the panties .)


6,The creating procedure of the plate ( Lady 03 titles )

The contents of the "Lady 03" manufacturing explanation

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