The contents of the "Lady 03" manufacturing explanation

The creating of a cigarette, the show procedure

(1)It models a cigarette in "myShade".It is a simple shape but it is presenting a little lines and crushing feeling.

(2)The rendering result.

(3)It brings in a rendering image to "Fanfare Photographer" and it shows in the flame and ash. It seems as had better create this part, too, in "Shade" if thinking from now.

(4)It shows in the smoke of the cigarette.It creates smoke in "flux flame" of "KPT5".It shows by " the airbrush " with " the shifting finger " and it adjusts.


(5)It is following image when finishing being made.It doesn't have an atmosphere because the scenery is light.It reviewed the revision of smoke itself, too, but this time, it supports, making a background dark..



3,The creating of a background

The contents of the "Lady 03" manufacturing explanation

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