The making of "Lady 03"

1,The creating procedure of the basic model

(1)It creates the face of the taste in "Poser 4" and it replaces it with the face of the figure of the average woman.


(2)In this time, because it wanted to create the oblong image which can be displayed to the full in the display, while reviewing composition, writing, it fixes a pose.For the proportion of the body, too, to match this pose, it adjusts.Because the last result, too, isn't still good when not becoming the one which is charming there there at this point, it reviews sufficiently.


(3) The rendering result.Because that had better make beforehand to revise because it is not simply in the condition which it is possible to use as this it but that to revise as much as possible isn't necessary is consequential, it renders many times and it makes make confirmation.


The correction of the basic model

(1)It brings in a rendering image to "Fanfare Photographer" and it resizes it to the huge size, 8, 18510, 915Pixel.700dpi.It is because it isn't possible to subtract one one hair with the whisk of 1Pixel in case of not being a size as much as this.After that, it revises tone of color.Moreover, it takes the sketch of the lines once more in the path and it creates a choice range from the path.It revises.



(2) The correction result.


3,The show procedure of the facial parts

(1)The show procedure of the eyebrow.

To become a solid eyebrow, it pulls, and it rubs with " the shifting finger " and it completes a shading eyebrow.It thought that to picture the more realistic one wanted to become possible but making were not in the picturing chessman too much because to hold at this degree beforehand when pulling and seeing ( when displaying generally ) can have been more solidly seen this time as it maintained modelling.


(2)The show procedure of the lip

(2)The show procedure of the lipIt creates more than one sheet of new transparent layers and it shows by the airbrush in the light part, the shadow.It puts a line with " the shifting finger " and moreover to make have modelling, it creates a new transparent layer.While changing a synthetic mode, it showed and it completed.



(3)The neighborhood of the eyes and the show procedure of the eyelashes

It creates " path " earnestly, it makes it a choice range and it shows in the detail.The back of the trial and error is seen.


(4) The show result.It seems that there still is a problem to the full.It wanted to raise a little density of the eyelashes above already, but it is possible to fit and it decided to leave a space because it put on at the eyeball and the look of the eyes had died when increasing the number too much.The eyeline, too, has been adjustable later.



(5)When it is possible to put an eyeball by creating it, it is such a feeling.Because it was dark, finally, it did a few adjustments.



(6)The whole face figure.It seems as the look appeared finally.The left eyes are the one with wanting to picture ( feeling which makes a little smoke of the cigarette a feeling only ) which was closed a little compared with the right eyes, but the show power isn't adequate yet and the prank of the sketch is conspicuous.



4,The show procedure of the nail

(1)It shows and it colors the modelling, the thickness of the nail.It seems as it is quite pulling out a hand.


(2) Because it was too rough to be as this, it let in a shadow in the boundary of the vertical line and the skin of the nail.It is because it had been put in the degree not to know that it sees a line separately but it became vulgar in the doing pass when filming a close-up when accepting decidedly any more.


5,The nude model is complete approximately


2, The creating of a cigarette, the show procedure

The contents of the "Lady 03" manufacturing explanation

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