Project Remembrance of Time
Remembrance of Time

Internet Art Project
In Rock Hill South Carolina, USA 2006
Yumiko Yamazaki

#2 November 20 #3 December 6
#4 November 19
#5 November 20 #6 October 27
#7 November19
#8 October 30

You can see the changing the suface of soil and growing plants every two weeks on this page. Please teach each images. You can see detail of the box.


I handed box and soil to eight people. And I asked them to put the box somewhere outside and take photo every two weeks. There are no seeds into the soil. However, wind, rain, birds and natural hapnings will bring seeds there. A few weeks later, probably, small wild plants will sproute in the box.After six months, I am going to make an animation with the photos.

This project started from the end of October 2006 in Rock Hill or near Rock Hill. As for the kind and the time of a sprouting plant, it may be different. Environment around the box decides it.

The meaning of my art is to show "Passage of Time". However, also this project is including the meaning of an experimentation between arts and science.


No.1) Jon Wald
No.2) David Beatty
No.3) Jerry Austin
No.4) Peg Delamater
No.5) Courthey Blake
No.6) Ashley Beard
No.7) Vori Salzman
No.8) Kim Dick


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