Time Tripper

Update : 2010/02/25


If a mouse is clicked, it will advance to the next field.
Since the time is displayed above once, please follow it as a guide.

Please control a sheepdog well and put sheep into a circle.
This is rather difficult although it seems that it is easy apparently.
Since the number required for each circle is displayed Only the number should collect sheep.
It is useless, even if and it is too few. Once it goes into a circle exactly,the sheep will not move from there.
if a sheepdog approaches, it will consider as the method of escape.
Although a sheepdog tends to run after a mouse cursor,
it is quite rough. A technique is required to manipulate well.
Since sheep are always made into the method of a group,
it is the difficulties which are divided into two or more circles.

Various maps can be made from changing "sheep.dat." 
A dog can set up a maximum of ten animals and the sheep to 100 animals. They are a maximum of ten circles. 
Screen size can also be enlarged if a margin is in processing. 
Please consider an interesting game side. 
(It can change easily by the text editor etc.) 

D :  Dog (a game side, the number of dogs, start X coordinates, start Y coordinates) 
S :  Sheep (a game side, the number of sheep, start X coordinates, start Y coordinates) 
C :  Circle (a game side, a circle number, the number of sheep, center X coordinates, center Y coordinates, radius) 

Two or more circles can be set up.
Please change a circle number at this time. 
Please be sure to number a game side and a circle number in an order from zero.

D  0  3 100 300
S  0 30 300 100
C  0  0  10 100 100 40
C  0  1  10 500 100 40
C  0  2  10 300 300 40

SHEEP&DOG can be downloaded from here. (About 8KB) sheep.lzh

It is a free applet. Use freely. 
I am pleased, if very well and the link to a top page can be obtained.