Attended in ETF2008

Reported by Hirokuni Michimori


The Festival of the DIY Audiophile Enthusiasts in Europe

I had an opportunity to participate in the ETF2008 (European Triode Festival, December 4~7, 2008) which was held at Biezenmortel in the isolated countryside in central Nether lands. I will report the experience.
The first ETF2000 was held in Denmark in August 2000 and ETF2008 become the 9th European Triode Festival. The main participants were from Germany, the Nether lands, France and Denmark, in total 73 persons participated in ETF2008.
From each country, many participants sharing cars carrying a full load of diy audio equipments, made the long drive to Biezenmortel.

ALTEC horn system in Chapel

Biezenmortel in Nether lands

The only other participants from other continents were 3~4 from theUSA and myself, probably because of the economic depression.
If ETF is described briefly, it can be called the Festival of the diy Audiophile Hobby Enthusiasts in Europe.
Exhibited were main amps (there are many direct heating triode amps, but also Class D amps too), preamplifiers, CD players, turntables, the SP systems, etc.
Shootouts (contest) on a chosen theme, lectures, an auction, a live band performance, free market, etc. were on the program, and all the members enjoyed themselves convivially over three nights and four days.
Among participants, there was a percentage of people whose occupation is making audios, such as the sponsor of a garage maker, an engineer maker, publication staffs, etc. Moreover, the influential person who is involved in computer networks, such as diy Audio Forum, was also there.
Unlike ordinary audio festivals, ETF does not accept carrying on business, and ordinary visitors are not permitted entry as they would interrupt an informal atmosphere.
Only members who apply to the organizer and are accepted in advance can participate in the three nights and four days.
The price is 295.0 Euros which is a little less than 40,000 Yens ,Including meals and transfer commission.
Since most of the around 80 persons attending every year are repeat participants, there is no general public invitation.

8025A 12W SE amp made by the Author

8025A SE amp drive ALTEC hone system/ Left: Tentlabs CD player

Also in my case, an e-mail was sent directly to Mr. Guido Tent who is an organizer, and my participation was accepted.
I attached my homepage (English) instead of the resume at that time, and the lecture was requested by him as the zero bias transmitting tube amps was not published in the past.

The Lecture and 8025A amp

Possibly it might be called the first Japanese presentation.
Although it became stressful for me to perform the presentation over an hour before distinguished members, it was the theme to which a trial-and-error method had been applied for ten years, and it ended with no problems somehow.
Moreover, it was good that the 8025A amp listened to by members was one set of 5 models explained in the presentation.

French Exhibition room

SP system for shootout       Digital amp for shootout


100TH priamp with 866A rectifiers

838 SE amp

The main hall (10m width, 20m length, and 10~15m height) had been used as a chapel in a former monastery. The Altech horn system was installed with Tentlabs CD player and a Preamplifier and all could listen with the brought-in main amplifiers.
When the 8025A SE stereo amp (12W) was connected and I played Yumiko Samezima`s "Song of Japan", the wonderful singing voice which has a transparent feeling resounded far and wide, and in an instant the difficulties of hauling 16kg of amplifiers to the Netherlands blew away.
It seems that there was also no unnecessary reverberation and the merit of a wonderful sound which can be heard from a somewhat high place is in the combination of the capacity of a chapel and the building construction; brick walls and a strong wooden roof.
The evaluation of 8025A amp by the members seemed good and it became an order leading to finding a new home in Switzerland.

Satisfied with other events also in 4 days

Each major country set up their own exhibition room and held demonstrations. Please refer to the photograph on an ETF official site for details.
There is a library on the third floor where a lecture, an auction and shootout were held. In the rear of the library, The Klangfilm speakers which have not replaced original parts were installed with the baffle plate.
The Eurodyn was driven by the Siemens amps which were installed in a heavy rack.
Although this vintage 2way speaker system has a narrow band width, we were able to experience a smooth noble sound which can not be heard every day.
The theme of the shootout was sound processor.
It is put in between the main amp and the preamplifier. The effect is graded by everyone applauding whenever there is any improvement.

Klangfilm Speakers with baffle plate

     Drive amp (Siemens)        Eurodyn field coil Speaker

Surprised, Santa Claus in the Auction

Morgan Jones, the chair man of the Auction

The conclusion was that it was best without anything in between and that caused great laughter.
The first homepage setting up, building of the 8025A SE amp, and preparing the lecture manuscript, etc. total preparation period for participation in ETF2008 took half a year
Mr. Pete Millet (an American who visits Japan frequently for work), an ETF regular, was introduced by my Skype friend, Mr. Ohasi, and we went together to Dusseldorf this time, and pub-crawled in the beer breweries in Germany and Belgium by renting a car before entering Biezenmortel..
Mr. Morgan Jones (English) who joined from the middle is also a regular of ETF, and he is the popular person who gave the lecture about a phono motor
and also worked as the chairman of the auction.
Finally, I would like to express deepest gratitude to Mr. Guido Tent who consented to my participation readily, and gave me the opportunity of delivering a lecture, Mr. Pete Millet who guided me around great places, and Mr. Funahasi, Mr. Niizu and Mr. Takayanagi who each offered full support for setting up my very first English homepage, proofread the lecture manuscript, etc.

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