A 8025A SE STEREO amp (12W) with CF+CCS drive

Photo of 8025A SE STEREO Amp

A 8025A SE amp (12W)

RCA8025A:Designed for UHF transmitting triode, plate dissipation 30W(non forced-air cooling),Filament 6.3V(1.92A),
Amplification factor 18 and generic UX-socket 610V / 40~45mA, -18V grid bias, and generate 12Woutput (THD :3.6%)
Up to 2.5W in pure A class operation, but Grid current starts to flowing in 0~5mA above 2.5W output
Output transformer: ISO-Tango FE-20-14S, the primary impedance: 14K ohm
Power transformer: ISO-Tango (of custom order nr of S-2582)

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