The "Shade" screen capture image to be manufacturing in the 2001/09 present is seen.

It is the screen capture image to be manufacturing in "Shade" in the 09/03 present.


09/08: Because a shape was well completed, it put a partially temporary texture and it attempted to render it.


09/09: The image in the texture test in the file part..It isn't possible to scramble, and it sets up to the surface and it sees how things are.The both sides, and the side, each pattern are different and the purpose without the pasting chessman needs an adjustment still more partially for the fact.


It cuts down 09/10: and moreover texture setting.Like the metallic material, because the one where the reflection is definite has differed in the finish completely when it doesn't set beforehand the image which falls from this time, it is using environment mapping already.The light still is only infinite Enko source 1 light.The part which doesn't like it when attempting to put a texture and sees shape itself once more, too, appears.

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